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If you have one, Get rid of it or by a lot oil logo 8/19/2015 charles

If you have the four cylinder model you'll need a new bank loan for the amount of oil it uses. I've had to have the top end rebuilt at around 50,000 mi. It uses 3-4 qts/5000 mi synthetic oil change at the dealership. (It's the only way to keep the warranty valid) Service blamed the top end repair on the "owner" for not changing the oil often enough and "Chevrolet made it right." The oil has been faithfully changed at 7500 mi. Suggested changes are 10000 mi. What a load of Cr*#p when you read all of the forums with users complaining about the crummy engine. Chevrolet should recall the vehicle for defective engines. This is my last Chevrolet..... Government Motors needs help!

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