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if you want a nice looking boring car this is it logo 7/30/2015 Michael

We bought a new 2015 XSE with the 4cyl. They exterior does have a good look to it. The interior is pretty boring compared to most cars out there. I was driving the car to DC and finally got the gas mileage over 30mpg. The info center decided to reset itself 4 times with in 4 minutes. Shutting off my phone charger, radio and display screen. Did it again on the drive back home a few days later. I havent driven the car longer than 2 hours since and it hasnt done it since. We bought a new Camry because it is suppose to be one of the most reliable cars out there. Compared to my 14 year old lexus GS300 and our 2010 Nissan Murano this car is not all that impressive.

Average Rating : 4


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