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If you're under 30 and have no kids don't even look at this car. logo 4/7/2015 czr71

Don't ever buy this car! Unless if you like boring and unoriginal! There is nothing that makes this car special and way too much money for what you get! I'm 20 years old and this car makes me look like a soccer mom. If you actually want to buy this car because you think it looks cool, then I'm sorry, but i will pray for you. This car is almost as bad as buying a camry! If you're wondering why i even have this its because i needed a co signer and my parents wouldnt help with anything else. Dont ever do this to your kids especially if you know theyll pay for it, but now that i have a 670 credit score i wont ever need them again. I hate this car

Favorite Feature : Alright I'm going to be completely honest i flippin hate this car but for the sake of the review ill start with what i like about it, just to be fair.gas mileage is not so bad i average about 28 mpg. Rear view camera is a huge plus because i l ive in a sub- division and kids are always running around. Last thing it's that im glade it comes with premium wheels and not those cheap auto zone hub caps!

Suggested Improvement : Now to the fun stuff, since it took me fforever to think of good things. Acceleration is so underwhelmingly slow its almost unbearable. The navigation and bluetooth stereo on this thing is so unreliable, a lot of times this thing just shuts off! Earlier i said it had pretty good mpg but i was promissed 30-40 mpg! I'm 6 ft tall amndthis thing sucks even for me, I'm nothing tall! I can't even finish a bottle of water without having to awkwardly move around so the bottle doesnt hit the ceiling! Every time i lookn at this thing i want to cry because i should have kept my 2002 passat instead, that car hadn't features than this p.o.s!

Average Rating : 2.375


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