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I'm in Love logo 6/14/2016 Jalee Finley

I just purchased this car and I love everything about it!! There are three cons -(1) You cannot see the hood or front bumper despite how much you sit up or how close you sit to the steering wheel, and (2) you cannot see the back bumper, and (3) there is a small blind spot in the rear side views. That said, I love everything else about this car. I especially like the 6th gear and ability to downshift when needed. The audio could have been better, but I won't complain. The back seat is pretty spacious, and comfortable. The cup holders for the backseat are nice as well. If you have kids you will appreciate the plastic (instead of cloth or leather) on the backs of the front seats where their feet often touch/rest. This car has reinforced doors and PLENTY of airbags in case of collision.

Average Rating : 5


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