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I'm Still Happy logo 7/20/2015 Jim

First off, let me say that this car has a dual-clutch PowerShift Transmission. It's not an automatic transmission where you have a torque convertor and you simply step on the gas and go. You have to learn to drive this car with your right foot. It's not rocket science, and keeping the car in the right RPM range for the task at hand is pretty simple. I can't help but think that a lot of the folks who have problems with the way it drives have 2 skills: Stomp on the gas or stomp on the brakes. After 42,000 miles the car drives just fine, and with a little right foot control can be a lot of fun to drive. I'm getting 30 MPG in mixed driving, and other than oil changes and keeping the tires inflated to the proper pressure ( the original tires are still in good shape at this juncture) have had zero problems with the car. I like the interior, I like the way the car looks, and I like the way it drives. Guess I'm just lucky.

Average Rating : 4


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