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Impala LTZ: Big, Fast, and It Feels Special logo 3/23/2015 jlgolden

Spacious sedans are everywhere, but WOW, the new Impala is a standout. Dramatic, aggressive styling inside and out makes this car feel special...there's a positive emotional appeal to the design. This car is not designed for autocross flinging, but handling is secure, and the steering wheel is satisfying to grasp. The 3.6L V6 performance is stout, and the exhaust note even burbles sweetly. The car's overall comfort, style, acceleration, interior detail all shine. The Impala provides quiet, relaxed motoring in the city clutter or out on the flat open highway. Lay into the throttle, and it provides a smile every time.

Favorite Feature : Ventilated front seats, clear touch screen and navigation graphics, intuitive knobs / controls, satisfying tactile response from switches, mechanisms, and levers in the interior. Solid feel, with no "tinny" noises from trunk lid or door closings.

Suggested Improvement : The touch screen responses and voice control responses are slower than I was accustomed to in my previous car - a 2014 Kia. I hope that a no-charge software upgrade is provided by Chevrolet, to improve this matter. However, I realize that the GM system is on par with most competitor's touch screens, while Kia's system is widely praised for its processing / response promptness.

Average Rating : 4.625


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