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Impressed at First. logo 9/8/2015 BLH

Did a lot of research on the 2014 turbo diesel. Purchased the car in May. With less than 4000 miles on it, the check engine light comes on. To the dealer we go and 6 hrs later, they can't figure out the problem. The mechanics couldn't figure out the error code. Supposedly they had to call tech support and reset the electronics on the car. Now, the gas info doesn't read correctly. And it's still not fixed. A full tank read out tells me I can get 400 miles to a tank of diesel. I have managed to get over 50 miles to a gallon and it's a 15.6 gallon tank. The seats are low to the floor. The driver seat is power and will rise up but no lumbar support. Long drives get uncomfortable. We bought this vehicle because of the MPG and we travel often. The trunk space is so-so. It will hold 2 large suitcases and some smaller bags. The interior could be better. The sunvisors do not go far enough over to the middle to block out the sun. It does have rattles that you can hear and can't find. The stereo system sucks. It has a very "tinny" sound. I have tried adjusting it manually and per music style and it still sounds bad. The back up camera is handy. It beeps while backing up and if anything is coming from either side of the vehicle. The outside mirrors have a car icon that flashes to let you know there is a vehicle in your blind spot. It does have road noise and the car sits low to the ground. Hitting bumps and dodging potholes can be rough.

Average Rating : 3


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