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Impressed- but. logo 4/15/2015 johntc88

I needed a vehicle that was 1)economical 2)durable 3)comfortable(back issues) and Nissans offering was unbeatable. I bought the 2015 Altima S in gunmetal grey new @ end of November 2014. 1 was really amazed with the initial fuel economy consistantly getting 38 mpg on my 250 mile commute running 65 to 75 mph. then something strange happened and I started getting 27 to 32 mpg after 4000 mile oil change (1st change @ 400 mls, 2nd @ 4000 mls). I'm @ 8000 mls now and avg 32 to 37 mpg (using math formula:mls/glns). Rust has developed @ trunk release trim (after 3 mnths!?), stone deflectors(plastic) under car come off and hang/rattle. Comfortable for long trips! I'm 6'2", great hwy car, i'm smilin

Favorite Feature : Comfort! I couldn't sit in my frontier any longer than 1/2 an hour and my psyatic nerve would act up so had to find something cost effective/reliable for 250 ml commute.Honda and toyota were too proud to deal but again nissan was willing (thnx). I like the style, it has a nice frontal presence and a great looking rear end. Good visibility, enough glass so you don't need to crane your head to see traffic lights or..Love the tall 'gearing' when travelling 75 mph just shy of 2000 rpms-anytime you have chosen your speed the rpms drop below 2000-I love that-relaxed cruising.Impressive mileage at first but it is still acceptable now @32-35mpg. I hope to get 10+ years out of her, good job Nissan!

Suggested Improvement : Wipers need more pressure to clear windshield in winter months-ice cakes while driving. Fasten stone guards under car more steadfast (plastic plugs can't handle snow/slush) so they don't hang/rattle. Rust after 3 months?! No doubt an engineering/quality control oversight on trunk lid release area @ chrome strip-warrantee to cover fix. Road noise gets into cabin- Don't care for keyless ignition/locks, concerned when battery in fob dies-new to me tech. I hope nothing else crops up as it is 5 months old now.

Average Rating : 4.375


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