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Impressed - Still logo 6/17/2016 Karen

We bought this car on a whim 18 months ago and have been impressed with the handling and fuel efficiency. We now have 50,000+ miles and with the warmer weather(50+) am seeing 45+ mpg which is impressive for the high percentage of highway driving. And while I am a conservative driver when accelerating and braking this car is VERY responsive when needed for merging into high speed traffic. I've also never had a car hug the road as well as this car on sharp curves. Only once did the car not start and had to be towed to the dealer. After replacing a faulty part in the ignition the only other service has been the 10,000 mile oil changes. If we continue to have the same experience for the next 50-70,000 miles we will be most satisfied with this purchase. + We have now turned over 74,000 and are still very happy with the car. Feel very confident about it, still on original tires and not really looking to switch it out. We definitely will be looking for a C-Max or an auto with similar motor and transmission. It is nice to begin seeing other C-Max's on the road though they certainly are not being promoted by the dealers like they deserve.++ 30 months after purchasing this car new we are over 90000 miles and still on the original tires though that will change defintiely before winter. The combined mileage dips in the winter but resumes and continues to improve overall as the odometer increases. Recently discovered a convenient storage pocket on driver's side of the passenger seat; great location for keeping a toll ticket or cell phone handy.

Average Rating : 5


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