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Impressed with Honda logo 7/26/2015 Travis

So far (700+ miles in), this has been a great car. I've gone from a pickup getting 18 mpg to 30.5 (all city driving) mpg on my last fill up. I am a big person, but the front seat is very comfortable. I love having multiple adjustments for the seat and steering wheel. I have had open heart surgery so ease of seating, adjustment of steering wheel, and getting in/out, are now top issues for me. Plus by getting and SUV, I don't feel I've lost much in getting rid of a truck as far as hauling stuff around. I never towed anything anyhow.The vibration issue is non-existent in this car. I've read about it and seen videos on it. It just feels like a regular 4 cylinder to me. I don't doubt that some folks are getting jostled, though. But mine is just fine.Over time I do wonder about the cloth seats. They are very plush and very soft. I am concerned that over time they will start to show their age, but I'll deal with that when I have to. So far, I've been very impressed with the overall fit and finish of the car. This is my first Honda and they were never really on my radar. But after deciding to get out of a truck and shopping around, I shopped Chevy, Ford, Nissan and Mazda. The CR-V just made sense. It's a more comfortable ride with better standard features for the price. There is a bit of a learning curve regarding the touchscreen radio, but tinker around for a few minutes and you'll have it figured out.We were very happy with how we were treated at our Honda dealership and I'm sure this will be our new place to shop.

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