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IMPRESSIVE, Smooth logo 6/15/2016 Mike T., Chesapeake, VA

The Jewel Eye LED headlights are bright! I live in the country and have to drive dark roads and on my daily commute to work often times rainy highways where if you have mediocre headlights you cant see the freeway lanes. I have several cars, a couple have traditional halogens, HID and high end Xenons on my 911 Carrera S, these 2016 TLX headlights are bright! They penetrate good in fog and rain!I have read posting that the Dashboard Controls are over complicated, I say otherwise as I got the brief from the dealer sales rep. I in my opinion that is very intinuative. It actually make it easier to set those vehicle systems that were so hard to set up in older cars to your personal preference a breeze to set up. For example, if you dont like to wear out your LED lights cause they keep turning on and off as you approach the vehicle or your door locks un locking when you put your gear in park, or your cabin lights staying on for 10, 150, 30 secs after you close ther door, that is now so easy to setup in that menu system. On older cars you have to unlock, lock door twice, turn on & off ignition, turn key on...etc etc just to reset these configurations, now its all in the menu and simple to setup. In regards to engine power, I think the 2.4cc engine is just fine. The "Normal" and Sport IDS mode will pull the car just fine. Traffic light to traffic light, to highway entrance acceleration is well sufficient for what this car is designed for. I drive sports cars at the track so I know acceleration and turning and braking qualities you need for the condition its needed, and this TLX 2.4 is just fine. Not super pull you'd get from muscle cars or high performance sports sedans.I just got the car couple of weeks ago and I will post another review after 6 months. I advise folks that are contemplating getting one is to read the Experts/Edmunds Engineers write ups. They have a section for it.

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