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Improved over prior model, but problem details logo 8/20/2015 Peter Dixon

Initial review:All in all a solid reliable car. My second Camry, I and also have had two Priuses, so I'm quite lfamiliar with Toyota's hybrid drivetrain. Averages 36 mpg. 120,000 miles, mechanically trouble free, replaced tires, otherwise just routine service.Trouble spots: BUMPER--side edges of front bumper have repeatedly popped out, ( breaking at their attachment tabs), dealer unwilling to fix as a warranty item. I finally got a body shop to glue them in place a few months ago and so far they've stayed put.CONTROLS-Heating and air controls are small and hard to operate ( especially fan switch and air direction switch). SEAT MATERIAL-Although I have top of line XLE with leather and ultra suede seats, the ultra suede cloth has worn poorly, gotten dirty, is hard to clean, and now makes the interior look shabby and cheap. No rough or dirty treatment of interior on my part.NOISE--heavy acceleration creates a lot of engine noise.DEALER MAINTENANCE COSTS- Dealer service costs are high. For example, for the 120,000 service they quoted $700 but I had it done at reputable non-Toyota shop for $200.2016 UPDATE: now with 140,000 miles and no trouble--two sets of tires, one horn and one headlight, had a body shop fix front bumper by gluing it back in place, but no other maintenance needed, not even brakes or spark plugs. MPG a little less than at start, now about 35 combined. Never had a more trouble-free car, despite the minor design flaws mentioned in the first review.

Average Rating : 5


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