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In a class by itself. logo 6/9/2015 jchivington

Took deliveryJune 10th. This car exceeds all my expectations. The manual is very short throw and has excellent feel. Don't even consider getting the automatic in a car like this. The clutch pedal is light with absolutely no chatter. The leather upgrade ($1,750) is well worth the money. The German brands have nothing on this car--except maybe panel fit. My only very small complaint is the radio sound quality; not bad but could be better. Feels extremely solid. No wind noise. No rattles. Handles great even in street mode.

Favorite Feature : Great torque at low RPMs makes the manual transmission a pleasure to drive. Starts in 2nd gear with no problem if you want. The sound and power is what a muscle car should be. Shakes a little at idle, burbles on downshifts, quiet when cruising but melodious when on it. The seats are very comfortable, the touch screen and technology features are as good as it gets, rear seats fit adults, trunk is huge, best retro styling of any car, vented seats, heated steering wheel, fabulous radio controls on the rear of the steering wheel, powerful brakes. Worth every penny of the extra cost of not-so-great gas mileage.

Suggested Improvement : The radio sound could be better. When cold, the engine drone is annoying, but is fine once warmed up. Otherwise in all respects the best retro muscle car, bar none!

Average Rating : 4.875


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