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in the shop every other week logo 8/24/2015 David

I can look back and guarantee on paper my GL goes in the shop almost every other week, I am very disappointed comparing this car to our Lexus, the Lexus has been in the shop at 30k for the key fob not working and to clean the ac filter due to a smell.AS for the GL we have been in the shop all the time for brakes, sensors, squealing brakes oil leak, rear shock for rear door was not working, transmission trouble, squeaking window, right front air shock had to be replaced, the shock is still making noises when you go over a speed bump, bad design glove box that cant store much and always gets jammed, very cheap center wheel caps that need replacing all the time, so many sensors you will be in the shop getting them replaced and while you are there you might as well do your high price service that can run up to 1200.00. Yes 1200.00 and that is with out getting anything fixed. The service is to keep your car under the MB warranty and if you don't decline the service it will void the warranty. I feel like I keep the dealership lights on while they look for there next person that is as uneducated as I was when i bought this big rolling pieces of junk.When i pull up next to some one with a Mercedes I feel bad for them.I know this for a fact, Most people that work for the Mercedes dealership Don"t drive Mercedes, but if they do they usually are driving it for free.One mechanic stated to me that he likes the MB but due to the high price of parts he stays away.If you buy a Mercedes or a GL and you feel like nothing is going your way remember I told you so.

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