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Incredible car for the price. logo 6/12/2016 Sean D

I bought a 2016 Fusion S hybrid and I don't believe I've ever been more satisfied with a new car purchase. I was able to get the car for around $18K, as the 2017 models were coming in and they had 7 identically order versions of a black S base model cars on the lot . I saw that it came standard with all the basics, power windows, door locks, cruise, tiltwheel decent stereo dual-zone climate control which works great, and nice alloy wheels, making it so the car does not look like a base model. So far I am averaging close to 50 miles per gallon, which I find almost unbelievable for such a relatively large vehicle. I am sure that Ford had to take at a loss on that vehicle as there's no way all that technology, the hybrid electric motor system along with battery pack and nice standard level of equipment could be built for less than $18k. The manufacturer is currently offering a $3,500 rebate which is one way I was able to get such a good deal on the car. The car has an excellent ride, with very flat handling, much better than the softer sprung Toyota or Honda. The information screens available on the dash are fun to play with and you can really maximize your fuel mileage by paying attention to those and learning how to drive the car efficiently, using the electric motor as much as possible and coasting and using the regenerative braking to recharge the batteries. The fact you don't have to plug it in and can get 50 miles per gallon is fantastic. I strongly recommend this car, especially if you can get a deal and have a brand new car thats stylish, with a full warranty and gets 50 miles per gallon for used car money. Right now they are offering a larger rebate on the hybrid Energi model, which has a larger battery pack and can be plugged in. Ford needs to sell these high MPG vehicles to help their overall CAFE average MPG figures and I'm sure they are not making much profit on these after the rebates, which is great news for us consumers. The Fusion Hybrid S is an excellent value at the suggested price of $26 k, at $18k it's the deal of the century.

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