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Incredible Truck logo 5/28/2015 titanluvr

It's now 2015, and I have 150K miles on my Titan LE Crew Cab Offroad 4x4. My truck was finally killed this weekend by a rogue tow hitch that my wife struck while driving on the freeway. The thing went under the car and bounced up into the transmission. Busted a hole and destroyed the whole thing. May it rest in peace.However, until that rogue tow hitch, that truck did everything I ever asked of it with ease. Drove from So. Cal. to Montana more times than I can remember and it was an easy 20 hour drive in that Titan. I towed trailers, drove through snowstorms, up icy roads, loaded the bed up with wood and more. I never babied that truck, it never needed to be babied.

Favorite Feature : The space in the interior was awesome. People constantly complimented on how much leg room they had in the back seat.The engine had power to spare. No matter what I towed, I always had more engine power than was needed.Even though I had the Off-Road package, the ride was smooth. My wife has a bad back and those 20 drives to Montana were never a problem for her.Routine maintenance was all I ever had to perform. Went through two and a half sets of Goodyear Silent Armor tires over the course of 150K miles, one battery and two sets of windshield wipers. I'll be buying a 2015 Titan Pro-4x Crew Cab to replace that truck.

Suggested Improvement : The equipment storage on the driver's side, there needs to be one on the passenger side too. I'd suggest a touch screen, but it looks like they already did that. The only other thing, possibly a heads-up display for speed. Can't think of too much else I'd want. Oh, Subaru's eyesight deal would be nice (on those 20 hour drives one tends to wander out of your lane from time to time).Not much else I'd change. It's possible that the stars and the planets aligned just perfectly when they built my truck, but I'll take a chance with another Nissan Titan.

Average Rating : 5


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