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incredible value logo 5/25/2015 d0nman

I'll start off by saying I was intending to buy a Subaru Crosstrek or Forester. I've always been a big fan of Japanese vehicles for the mix of compactly packaged capability and fuel efficiency. Turns out, though, that you can get that stuff in a well-tested American vehicle for thousands of dollars less. The Edmunds review exaggerates all kinds of perceived shortcomings while ignoring the fact that you get a compact, capable AWD crossover for 20k. Yet, if you read the review for the Crosstrek, they claim it somehow has "relatively strong off-road capabilities" right off the bat, despite its Pinocchio-like nose that you'll scrape just backing out of your driveway and 55-series tires.

Favorite Feature : Nice, short front and rear overhangs, and decent ground clearance, especially if you bump up the tire size. Now that the clutch has broken in a bit, I find myself enjoying the manual transmission more than I should in this type of vehicle, especially with the standard hill-start assist. Steering feel is also good, and the steering wheel itself is substantial.I clocked in at 25.9 MPG on my first tank of gas in mixed city/highway driving, and if that creeps up to 27 or 28 as the engine breaks in, I'll be happy enough. More pleasant and economical to drive than my previous Freedom Drive II equipped Patriot (it barely averaged 22).Oh, and the financing/rebate incentives were nice ;)

Suggested Improvement : Goodyear LS2 tires ride ok, but they seem like an odd choice for a crossover to me. Offer all-terrain tires at least as an option _especially_ on the 16" steel wheels. (I've ordered some Toyo A/T tires in a 215 size.) There was some significant highway road noise, but undercoating has cured that problem!And why are these manual windows so hard to crank? Maybe they'll loosen up a little after some use. Make some space under the rear seat frame to pull the seatbelt buckles up while the seat is folded down - would be nice to be able to strap the dogs' harnesses in with the seats down.

Average Rating : 4.875


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