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I am an appliance repair(wo)man. Bought the van new 3 years ago. 80k later, I've changed the front brakes and tires once. Although I change the oil every 3k to 4k miles, the book says every 8k. The acceleration is like a race car, even fully loaded to the brim with parts and tools. It goes from -0- to zoom in a few fast seconds. With sliding doors on each side, and a rear hatch, all my parts and tools are easily accessible. There are no rear windows, but the back-up camera works very well. I trust dodge to build a reliable van, and have never....never....been let down. Since 1995, and 4 hard-ridden vehicles later, i've always sold them at about 250k, with no major repairs. I paid 16.5 k, brand new....put 500.00 in shelving, and on the road we went. Peace of mind is priceless. Can't wait to see what they add in 2016! Built in wifi and a tablet station would be very usefull....add a printer into the dash, and you'd have the best service vehicle in history. Thanks again for keeping the faith!

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