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Inteligent choice for a emotional decision logo 9/10/2015 Brook

Anyone purchasing a car in this category doesn't really need everything that comes with it - let's be serious! That being said, if you are in the frame of mind where you either feel you deserve or want to reward yourself with this class of vehicle - look no further than here. I purchased the AWD Signature/Tech package and could not be happier, but more importantly, could not be more impressed with the value/quality of the vehicle and the purchasing experience. I have owned several Lexus', driven BMWs and Merc's (on regular basis/not owned), and I have to say the bang for the buck and quality is clearly here. If you a purist and need that ultimate driving experience, then go buy BMW. But ask yourself this? How often to you truly get to exercise the limits of performance of a mid/full size sedan? Do you really need to? Some key highlights for me are: The adaptive cruise control, intuitive instrumentation (never been a fan of i-drive), and interior comfort. I am 6'7" and never felt like I fit in a car before this. Performance mode is more than apt for this size/class vehicle. It may not be the fastest, but I come back to the point does it really need to be? I typically drive in normal or eco mode and have been getting 23/24 mpg and in eco have not noticed a big difference in performance.Purchasing experience was one of the best (internet sales) - was in and in out under 2 hours, including trade in. Great customer service. Keep in mind this is not a luxury dealership so don't expect the leather couches and espresso machine, etc. However, the time, effort and care was equal to if not more so (to make for the fact they didn't have the lux dealership amenities?) than what i have experienced at the Lexus dealership.If you are looking for that lux feel and ride and would rather keep $10k-$20k in your bank account, then go test drive one of these cars and see for yourself.

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