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Is FORD asleep logo 7/8/2016 RAY Brisbine

This car was purchased June 29, 2016 .From Livermore Ford in Livermore California...drove the car 39 miles--there are 84 miles on the speedometer. In less than 24 hours, the car would NOT start! Two weeks plus and Ford still has NO fix for this problem. The car is still sitting at the dealership and cannot be started. The dealer service dept. is still waiting to hear from Ford Motor Co. for some type of "fix". The Customer Service Rep. from Ford Motor Co. had only one suggestion "give them time to fix the problem." Wow--we have no new car to drive, and Ford has our money which paid for the entire price of the car in cash! We are home now--900 miles from the new car, which we could not drive home, and no one seems upset by this problem except for us and the dealership which has the car........Ray Brisbine [contact info removed]........[ .July 24 and still do not have car ]

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