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It ain't stellar, but it delivers the goods logo 8/19/2016 Jay from Philly

Would have given 3 1/2 stars rather than 4. My wife had been sinking all of her money into another car she had gotten before we got married and when the transmission went we finally junked it and looked for a new to us car. The 2000 Chevy Malibu LS was available in a corner used car lot and I went to check it out. Cons first: The styling is bland and the interior is all cheap plastic and fabric and the radio is crap. Pros next: The car started up right away and handled very well for a boring 4 door family sedan. There was a surprising amount of pep in the engine. The trunk holds more than expected and the the cheap interior is pretty roomy. My wife loved it and we bought it the next day. She drove that car for 4 1/2 years and put 50,000 miles on it on highways and potholed city streets. We had to fix the driver's power window, pull the remote lock when the Service Soon light came on, replace the serpentine belt, replace a melted tab that kept brake lights on, and changed the battery once. Other than that the car was only in the shop for inspection or oil changes. It handled snow just fine and we trusted it to carry our most precious cargo, our children. We finally needed a bigger car when the children grew, but it was still running when we sold it. Our old Chevy Malibu didn't owe us anything. It's an underrated car.

Average Rating : 4


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