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It doesn't get much better! logo 7/13/2015 Robert G. Dwyer

January 2017 update: I still absolutely love the car! I don't put a lot of mileage on my S5 but it has has no maintenance issues and is a delight to drive. Finally, my son liked mine so much that he went out and bought an S5 coupe! There remains only one item I wish was different - there are no front parking assist sensors on the S5. I cannot for the life of me understand why this is not standard or at least offered as an option as even A3 cabriolet has them. The color, Sepang Blue Pearl, is awesome and I constantly get compliments on it. In addition, just as on our Q5, the paint job is FLAWLESS - not a touch of "orange-peel" anywhere.July 2016 Update: Since we do most of our longer trips in the wife's 2013 Q5, the S5 Cabriolet has just 12,100 miles to date. The car has run flawlessly, looks showroom new and continues to draw admiring comments wherever I take it. Worth noting - I cannot get a definitive answer on best tire pressure. When I inflated them to the factory-recommended (sticker and owner's manual) pressure of 39/38psi the ride becomes a little too harsh for my liking. I reduced the pressures to 36psi all around and the ride was better with no perceptible degradation in handing. Also, I wish Audi would come up with a better composition for their brake pads - I bought a pressure washer to deal with the constant accumulation of black brake dust on my wheels - almost as bad as my old Bimmer. I'm not at this point yet but when our Q5 said it needed brake pad replacement - Audi would not turn the rotors! This strikes me as ridiculous and made a simple brake pad replacement job cost over $1,300. I may not go to Audi when my pads need replacement.Having said all that,I still love my S5 Cabriolet!

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