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It is what it is, and it's pretty GOOD! logo 7/10/2016 Ron N

First, I am a car enthusiast, and when I purchased my second Corolla, I knew I wasn't buying a sport sedan. My first Corolla was a 2012 S, and was last on my list for what I wanted to buy. It did everything well enough and had the rear space I was looking for in a compact. Power was good, it could have used another 20 or so horsepower, but I wasn't looking for a drag racer. The 2016 Corolla S Plus is a big step forward for the model. Overall, there is more usable room in this generation Corolla than the previous, not counting the substantial improvement in rear legroom, which was one of the qualities that drew me to my first Corolla. Interior materials and overall look, feel and finish are very good. The manual "sport" seats are very comfortable, and have good support. As far as the CVT transmission goes, it is better than most (in the S Plus trim) out there, equal to the Honda. In lower trims, feels very different and tends to keep a steady RPM for acceleration. In the S trim, the CVT has a Sport mode which simulates gear changes which works very well, giving a crisp response for each "shift". When not in Sport mode, and if one keeps a light foot on the throttle, it will go into Eco mode. Eco tends to hold RPMs, although not as bad as lower trims, and "feels" like a slipping clutch in a manual transmission when the CVT "shifts gears". Initial acceleration is soft, but once under way, acceleration is more than adequate for passing and getting up to highway speeds. One of the biggest improvements to the Corolla, mechanically, are the rear disc brakes. These are only available on S Plus and S Premium trims, and well worth any extra expense. The lower trims (L, LE and LE Eco) tend to drive and handle with a bland feel, but the S trims are more sporty and feel different, not any roll or wallow. There are other good cars out there, try them all before you make a decision, but the Corolla is not as bad as some try to make it.

Average Rating : 5


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