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It just needs a more refined drive logo 8/28/2015 J

I've had this car now for a few months. I haven't put that many miles on it so I don't know how it will hold up long term, but overall I've been happy. It's great for a young person looking for a small fun car.That said, it does have an extraordinarily rough drive. You feel every single bump in the road, road noise is relatively high and the dual clutch transmission is pretty mediocre (it downshifts randomly sometimes and the manual mode is way to slow to respond). If these three things were fixed, I'd give this car five stars.Oh and also, to everyone those headroom in the back is snug, how often are you driving around with more than two people taller than 5' 10'' for an extended period of time? Because tall people can sit in the front, short people can sit in the back, and it's usually fine. It's not that big a cost for a nice sloping roofline.PROS-phenomenal exterior style-great rear trunk space in its class, particularly with easy to fold second row seats-elegant interior styling-great handling-great fuel economy-fun car-nice sunroofCONS-unacceptably rough and loud ride for its class-mediocre dual clutch transmission that downshifts randomly and has aggravating lag when used manualy-infotainment screen looks like a cheap tacked-on afterthought-infotainment system and voice controls are poorly designed, navigation system subpar to google maps so you won't ever use it even though you wish you could-options overpriced

Average Rating : 4


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