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It looks gorgeous and has "perks"... logo 7/10/2015

... I wanted but if it is always in the shop. I purchase a 2013 GMC Terrain Denali edition. It is beautiful inside and out but I came to realize quickly the previous owners traded it in for a Mercedes. I have owned the vehicle less than a year (after several trips to the dealership, because they could fix the problem because the computer did not register a issue [although they stated they felt the issue]) . Finally after I drove it for another two months and when back to have it tested again; they rebuilt my transmission. Really? I have 40k miles on it, why would the transmit already be messed up! I got my car back 2 weeks ago and when I pulled into my driveway after work today, I smelled coolant and I have a puddle under my car. If you can afford to purchase the Denali, I would recommend a different brand: Toyota, Honda, anything but a GMC!

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