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It loves gas! logo 8/30/2015 Bob Woliver

Bought this as a more cost effective and less 'garage filling' replacement for my 2000 Silverado. Interior fit and finish is great, good visibility and lots of power. A/C works well which is appreciated in TX. Cons: this truck gets 16.5 MPG city and about 20.5 highway - way less than my old 4.8 L Silverado which got 19.5/23 over 170K miles with a larger and more powerful engine. The Frontier is a miserable highway truck as you have to compensate for every little wind gust and it will hydroplane easily compared to the other trucks I have owned. There is also a 'clunk' in the driveline which I have noted in not only my but other Frontiers when taking off from a stop. Still, it is a good value for an 'in town hauler' if you do not need a longer 6' bed.

Average Rating : 4


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