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It pays for itself in time and money saved! logo 8/21/2015 Ray

I bought this car in November 2014 from a dealer for a slightly high price of $10,000. The reason being the condition and mileage of the car, it was like buying a 2 year old car even though it was almost 10 tears old! The car was immaculate, owned by UCLA University in Los Angeles, California, and had been fleet maintained since new. I was already familiar with NGV vehicles, having driven one in my job, so I had no qualms about buying it. The car had only 30,800 miles and I have now driven it 15,000 trouble-free miles in 9 months! The Pros; I average 35 mpg's in traffic and I pay $1.85 a ggl for natural gas at the local city yard, $1.46 a ggl at the neighboring city yard and...the price is stable, doesn't fluctuate like gasoline prices. Also, in California, I get to use the HOV lanes without a passenger AND, some toll roads are free to use for us "greenies". Now the Cons; The fuel tanks are huge and take up a large amount of the trunks but, this a commuter car, not a travel car although some people have used it for that purpose. Although the tanks appear huge, they only hold the equivalent of 6.5 gallons of gasoline and so your mileage between fill ups is reduced to between 150 miles and maximum 200 miles, depending on your driving habits. The car interiors for this model year GX is pretty Spartan at best. Although it does have A/C, am/fm/cd, power windows, steering, and brakes, that's pretty much it! No navi, no leather, no tinted windows, no sunroof, no nothing else unlike the newer GX models. In all, I have to say that it is a great commuter car that gets you from point A to point B quickly and cheaply.

Average Rating : 4


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