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It was good...until it wasn't logo 12/8/2016 Elizabeth Anne

I bought my 2010 certified pre-owned Mazda 3 in 2012. It was top of the line with blue tooth, Bose audio, sun roof - all the fun gadgets. I had to get new brakes first year - not a big deal. In the Spring of 2016 my GPS screen went blank. Dealership said Mazda had discontinued that specific GPS model and it was going to cost 3k to replace the screen. I decided I could live without the system. Fast forward to December 2016 - I had just replaced my second battery in a year and decided something was majorly wrong with the car and had an electronic specialist car shop look at it. It took 2 weeks just to diagnose the problem because the computer system is so complicated and intertwined. Turns out a small but crucial part of the computer system had a major short and was draining the battery 2 amps - hence the battery replacement twice this year. Turns out the part will cost $3500 plus labor - over 5k to replace. Decided it wasn't worth pouring that kind of money in to a 2010 and will now sell for 3k while still owing 17K on the car. I now hate the car I once loved. Building a car so the electronic system is all one piece and cannot be easily repaired is a real hardship when the thing stops working. I will never buy a Mazda again.

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