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Italian Tardis logo 3/13/2015 Michael Gagliano

I bought a used 2013 with 7k miles and an automatic transmission and use it as our "fun" car for my daily work commute. We've got 4 kids and our other car is a minivan so this Fiat is a much needed injection of small car sprightliness and tossable fun. Great commuter car. I am amazed at how much "bigger on the inside" (for the Dr Who fans) it feels compared to how it looks from outside. Perhaps it's the tallness of the cabin but the front 2 seats are plenty big for adults, comfortable and well supported. Plus I just like that it's small. I've owned an SUV and it always felt like I was carrying around a bunch of extra space back there. Not so with this.

Favorite Feature : The interior design is modern - it's a comfortable seating position and you can plug a USB drive into the slot in the glove compartment and listen to your mp3s easily. I like how light the car is and fun to drive, accelerates well. I would definitely recommend the automatic, makes stop and go traffic easy and you can still shift through the 5 gears like a manual. Plus while researching the car I noticed the manual seems to be the source of most of the grief from owners with maintenance issues. I haven't had any. Well made car, everything feels carefully though out.

Suggested Improvement : Bumper strips along the sides on each door would be nice to protect against parking lot dings. Perhaps a small Espresso machine in the dash?

Average Rating : 5


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