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its a beauty and quite a great price logo 8/8/2015 Ryan

I got the sea blue and boy does it turn heads. Its my first automatic in years, which is a bit of a bummer because off the starting line it can be less than exciting. The Sport mode changes everything quickly- i love it. Gas mileage on highways is superb, gas mileage through the town is just ok. I really like the car a lot, and I adore it's looks. I wish the nav didn't misunderstand every single thing I say- it makes it easy less convenient than just talking to Siri on my iPhone through bluetooth. I wouldn't pay for that next time. Back seat isn't perfect, but you don't buy a car this size hoping for a giant backseat. I really find myself paddle shifting more than I expected, and I really like the sunroof and stereo quality. The climate is almost too cold. Great color. My first Benz and I significantly like it more than my husbands new c250 coupe.

Average Rating : 5


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