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It's a computer/laptop on wheels logo 12/8/2016 Lori

I had no idea how computerized this car would be. I have a 2013 turbo and I have had to replace the voice module 2x, transmission module 1x and a couple others. I have to take in my car to the dealership roughly twice a year for a system update. Again, it's a computer on wheels. When any modules go out, it's as if you are on the blue screen of death. It scares me to drive it out of town so I have been renting cars for over a year now at least once a month, but I also rent because I have put on 82,000 miles on my car. The computer aspect, very unsettling. One more downside, if you are tall or a larger individual or plan to use it to drive 4 teens or adults, I hope you are going only a short distance because you are going to be cramped. The trunk space fits groceries. On the positive, with the exception to everything said prior, I love this car! There is a short lag but once you get past that, you are gone. I love the sound of it when I turn it on and drive it but then, I'm a gal that has owned a '69 Camaro and '69 Chevelle so I like my cars to be heard. My car is a limited edition and it has everything you can imagine. Would I buy it again? It is more computer than machine so I would have to say no. When anything computerized goes out, you are stuck wherever it decided to stop which means you are at its mercy. I need something I can depend and rely on. This isn't that car. There have been many electrical problems. Don't buy it unless if you are comfortable driving a computer/laptop on wheels.

Average Rating : 2


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