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its a great vehicle logo 4/29/2015 Rich Troyer

My 2007 Forester got totalled by someone who was playing on his phone so I opted to downsize because I have to do alot of city driving for my job. I got a Blue with Bone interior. The car looks great when it gets muddy as well as when its sparkling clean. I was nervous about the very light interior but I like it. I am not someone who gives many 5s when I rate something because nothing is perfect. A 3 means its just fine to me. I gave it a 3 for value because I think the Forester is a better value but the new onse made me feel like I was a soccer mom.

Favorite Feature : The all wheel drive design and ground clearance, body style including the rims, very comfortable driving position, panaramic view--no need for a sunroof, I like the sound and feel of the engine, the bluetooth and stereo are the bomb! Easy to park. The versitility of driving in town because its smaller but still big enough to manage the highways when treking across the country. I cant wait to visit my parents and drive it around in the pasture!

Suggested Improvement : slightly more power to manage the aircondioner when on full blast. have a plug outlet come standard. I wish the back seats would lay down flatter and have less gap between the front seats a so I could sleep back there with not much fuss (if you want to sleep in your vehicle alot I would check out the 2015 Ford Escape but you give up alot just to sleep but the Escape seems like a great vehicle--I fell asleep in the one I test drove...I almost bought it instead of the crosstrek.) I also wish it came with the abilty to open the windows from the outside to let the heat out in the summer before you get in.

Average Rating : 4.125


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