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It's a Keeper! logo 5/24/2015 digdoug78

I've enjoyed this car from the first time I drove it. I picked it up used. The previous owner put 18's and dropped it about an inch. Low but not too low. Drives nice. Good power getting on the highway, passing, easily cruise at 80+. Controls are easy and intuitive. You can do everything but brake from the steering wheel! You can change from radio to cd to aux from the wheel! You can speed up and slow down, from the wheel! You can turn on wipers, check fuel, driving range, real time mpg, direction, from the freakin' wheel! The seats are super comfortable. I'm 6' and I have tons of room.The paddle shifters can be fun to use. Used properly, really fun to use. This is a keeper!

Favorite Feature : Power. Maneuverability. Brakes. Seats. Sound System. The back seats are comfortable. They fold split, so it is super easy to load. The drive with a load is good, too. Jack and spare are easily accessed. There is space for after market electronics (Sirius, cd changer, sub woofer, etc). Back seat flips up for a little more storage. That's how I know that the previous owner had little kids, girls. Picked up the seats to find glitter, m&m's, doll parts. Other than that, it looks like they took good care of it.

Suggested Improvement : How do so many leaves find their way under the hood? They clog up the sunroof drains and create rust problems.Brushed silver on the dash looks great at night, but during the day the reflection is blinding. Mine now sports faux carbon fiber.The auto lift gate doesn't work.

Average Rating : 4.75


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