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It's a little/BIG SUV/SAV logo 4/28/2016 KennethZ

I was cross shopping the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, BMW X3, and Volkswagen GTI. And then I saw this new X1. I was thinking to wait for the next gen Q5, but I decided to buy this car. It’s a handsome car inside out. The interior is very spacious. The headroom and legroom are comparable or even bigger than the current Q5, GLC, X3, and GTI. It’s even comparable to the larger X5. (X5 vs X1: F head 40, 41.9; R head 39.3, 39.4; F leg 40, 40.4; R leg 36.6, 37) I am 5’10, 165 lbs, I fit in the back seat comfortably even when the front seat is all the way back. And my car is not even with the sliding rear seat option. The trunk is also big, fits $200+ groceries from Costco easily. The engine is potent. The transmission is smooth. The handle is nimble. The acceleration is quick. It’s fuel efficient. Overall it’s a very practical car. I understand it’s being categorized as a subcompact SUV/SAV, but you really have to test drive and get inside of the car to understand what I’m talking about. It’s BIG!!! OK, now the bad. The front seat is too narrow. The gas pedal is too close to the side wall of the center console. The center console storage is relatively small. There is still noticeable turbo lag when stop and go. The suspension is too hard, you can feel every tinny hole and bump on the road. The LED headlight and taillight only come with the premium package, and the price is pretty premium for that.

Average Rating : 5


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