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It's a real POS logo 8/6/2015 Phillip Najarian

I fell in love with this car when I was in high school, I loved yellow cars and it seemed like the best thing ever, a cute little bright yellow coupe. Unfortunately, I was better off loving it from afar. I purchased this car used, and it is the base model so other models may not be this bad, but IT IS HORRIBLE. It's so loud inside the car with road noise that you can't have a conversation, the doors are MASSIVE, if you are in a close parking spot you cannot get into the vehicle because the door opens 8 feet. The doors also weigh a TON, multiple times I have been bruised massively because I stick my leg out of the car to get out and the door comes back and pins my leg. The seats are the most uncomfortable things I've ever sat on, if I ride in my car for over 30 minutes in a single day my back will be killing me, and I live out in the country so if I go anywhere beyond the gas station by my house it is over 30 minutes. The interior set up is stupid, if you push your seat all the way back you cannot reach the radio and climate controls, but if you move it closer then you feel like you're sitting at a desk because of the huge dash board. The back seat is basically nonexistent, I can fit one of my dogs back there. For such a small car it gets awful gas mileage, I usually average 25 or so, my old Dodge Neon got upwards of 40 mpg. Chevy itself is very rude about fixing the recalls on this car, and basically just acted like I didn't deserve to have a working, safe vehicle. It does what a car basically should do, it goes, it stops, it has seat belts and it has a radio which works (although the CD player does not). But it loses me on all of the little things that matter in a car, comfort, design, fuel consumption. It just doesn't make any sense as a car.

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