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It's a Yugo with an Audi powertrain logo 8/14/2015 Mollari 2261

I'm a 30-year VW-Audi fan that this time around needed to go cheap, but without leaving VW. I also wanted a TDI to match my mostly highway commute/driving. It was easy to get a deal on the Jetta, considering how much they're piling up on the dealership lots; now I know why.This is the cheapest, dullest car I've owned since my mid-90s GM ticket to a taxpayer bailout. It's a slick powertrain wrapped in bland styling, numb driving, slow-torture seating, missing creature comforts (we don't even get rear-passenger door lock switches), all riding on Flintstone wheels. Not to mention a real low point in VW quality (e.g. carpets that are cardboard sprayed with hair-in-a-can) and quality control (e.g. embarrassingly poor body panel alignment).Granted, some of this has to do with the fact that my car is a lowly SE and not an SEL trim. For example, the halogen reflectors are like two candles up there, compared to HID's. And the Yugo GVL called, wanting its instrument cluster back. But much of it rings true across all Mk-VI Jetta's; this is the worst VW since the Westmoreland, PA Rabbits of the 1980s.The Jetta is basically the cheapest way to get VW's fantastic powertrains. But you get what you pay for... And next time I'm paying more for a Golf, which is more like what us VW owners expect from a VW, and not this sad, sorry exercise in cost-cutting.

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