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It's all fun 'n games, until catastrophe happens.. logo 9/2/2015 Arbeitspferd

I have an '08 A4 Quattro 6MT Special Edition S-line. I bought it as a CPO car in 2011 with 36k miles. The car is absolutely sublime to drive in every way, even with the firm suspension. The first year I owned it, I put over 25k miles commuting 100mi each way for work, across a mountain range. The traction control and AWD have literally saved my life twice hitting black ice on a bend in the highway. Very little issues with the car; cruise control module went out, covered under warranty; ignition switch died last year out of warranty, $160 total (cheap). Then one day, accelerating onto the interstate, the engine shut down leaving me just enough momentum to coast over to the shoulder (on a massive bridge, no less). After having it inspected and diagnosed at the dealer, it turns out a high pressure fuel pump exploded, literally. It blew metal shrapnel into the engine destroying the block and fuel system. A piece(s) of shrapnel severed the intake cam chain, seizing the cam and destroying most of the remainder of the engine. The engine is damaged beyond repair and has to be replaced, to the tune of over $7500! Audi has generously offered to cover 25% up front, but I am currently working with Audi of America to see if they can extend that courtesy a bit more. At this point, I haven't decide if I'm going to keep the car after all this or just dump it. Either way, I'm out as much as $6k on a car only worth $11k...If you want a car that is nearly perfect to drive, this is the one. Specifically the 2008 owing to it's having the new AWD system (which is MUCH better than the old Haldex system). That said, I'd have some kind of extended warranty, service agreement, and/or a whopping fistful of expendable greenbacks.

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