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It's always something new...... logo 3/25/2015 photosbymatt

From purchase at 117,000 miles to now at 134,000 miles, this Forester has needed: Oxygen sensor, new catalytic converters, re-wired transmission speed sensor, two sets of head gaskets (six months apart), timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and rear pads & rotors. The transmission in this Forester is jerky & extremely rough. I have records from the previous owner, and it was babied and taken care of very well. I maintain this car as well as I can, and I just hope that it will last another five years. The engine pings horribly while running up through the gears. Detonating or "pinging" is absolutely horrible for an engine, yet Subaru claims that this is normal. I love Subaru's, but wow.......

Favorite Feature : All wheel drive, ground clearance.

Suggested Improvement : Get rid of the 4-speed automatic and put in a 5-speed!

Average Rating : 3.875


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