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It's an average Japanese station Wagon. logo 7/6/2016 Jack

Don't let the the internet reports confuse you, it is a station wagon, not SUV. The sitting position of most of the seats are sedan/ wagon feel. The driver seat is a little more SUV-ish but is still not totally convincing. If you are looking for SUV, looks elsewhere. I got the limited with whatever features that came with the trim... no additional upgrades. There are a few things I don't like about: 1. Acceleration is slow and the engine is noisy. 2. Steering wheel is thin and small and doesn't feel very sophisticated. 3. Back camera is fish eye. Image is highly distorted and make it less reliable for park assistance. 4. Limited trim still doesn't come with the back up object alert or cross path detection which is pretty much the basic safety standard. With Subaru's advertising focus on safety features of their cars, the lack of such basic safety features in the limited trim is simply not acceptable. The entertainment/info center is easy to read but it's too simple and lack of features. In another words.. boring. 5. One of the worst lack-of-feature is that it doesn't provide push start and remote-less entry. This is something almost all American cars offers as standard feature at their mid trims. I am not sure why Subaru has the reserve it as an upgrade option. This is just cheap. 6. And make it even worst is that the key form is so dated. It's long and sharp and cannot fold or retreat. It's couple generation behind in term of key form and technology. This is a shame! 7. And another cheap design is that there is no height adjustment for the front passenger seat. It's also a standard feature for most of the current American cars. And my Subaru is not the lowest trim, its an limited and it still don't provide height adjustment for the passenger seat? This is a joke. And my passengers feels pretty not happy nor super comfortable with that low sitting position. Definitely not something anyone would expect to find in a "SUV" like car. Interior material is relatively okay but not great. Even it gives leather wheel, leather knob, leather seat... the leather quality just doesn't feel upscale. It's a Subaru... good thing is that it doesn't pretend it's an upscale car... because it's not.

Average Rating : 3


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