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It's More Than You Think. Maybe. logo 6/17/2017 Bob

I BOUGHT my 2013 Terrain I-4 in September '13, now almost 4 years ago. No substantial complaints, a few rather minor ones, in the context of having traded my very nice 2004 Honda Accord V6 for it. A few cons: MPG disappointing but fair; replaced a minor but cash expensive air-mixing actuator just after warranty; exiting the cabin I seem to always kick or scrape the door sill or interior door panel; driver's seat not supportive enough where back and seat join, even with power lumbar; engine or A/C noisy in ECO mode...and that's about it for cons. Not Bad. NOW the pros - everything else: style inside and out; heated power seats & mirrors and other upscale features; adequate 172 HP (do miss the extra 100 horses); and all the rest. Oh, Terrains are EVERYWHERE in my town. So, 4 years happy vs the Accord was often tapping my checkbook. Just sayin.

Average Rating : 5


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