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It's My Second FIT!: Fast and Fun. Yellow! logo 8/30/2015 David

My FIT has 7000+ miles on the highway and city since I got it in March 2015, so I am ready to write a competent review. I traded in my 2009 FIT with 70,000 miles for this Brand New 2015 FIT. Overall it's been a lot of fun, and everyone in my area loves the Yellow! The compliments come in daily. People roll their window down to compliment the car. The FIT is completely redesigned for 2015—very little is the same from the Old FIT.Safety: It is a topsafety pick in its class from the Insurance Institute and passed the Offset crash test too. The old FIT failed miserably and was a dangerous car to be in an accident.Engine: It has Honda’s Famous “EarthDreams” Engine. You have more than enough power in this car--it accelerates faster than any car in its class. In fact, it is overpowered for the suspension and handling, and I recommend this car for experienced drivers only. Not a car to give to new driver just like you would not get them a Corvette. If you step on the accelerator too fast, you will spin the front tires. My experience in rain is that the front's spin very easily so be careful--may be the brand of tires, --Firestone--not sure. Much much faster than the Old FIT. Steering/Handling: Here is one area I prefer the Old FIT. The Old FIT handled better--pinpoint accuracy--so much fun. The new FIT is not precise, ambiguous on the highway, but it’s OK.Braking: Brakes on the New FIT are not enough for the power of this vehicle--I leave a LOT of room between my car and the car in front. It's not bad--just again--for the experienced driver who knows how to control a lightweight car with a powerful engine.Ride Comfort: The person that buys this car is someone who prefers a NASCAR sports car road feel to a cushy Lincoln ride. You will feel the road and all imperfections in this FIT. If the road is well paved and smooth, car will run smooth too. Some professional reviewers have written that the car is noisy inside. I have not found that--it's fine. Transmission: CVT has been fine--no problems.Interior: Mine has Leather and that was a must for me. The leather is very comfortable, cleans easily, and supportive bolstering for my back. I have all the technology that Honda offered in 2015 in my FIT, including the large touch screen with steering wheel controls, rear and side cameras. Many reviews have written that the touch screen interface is confusing. I don’t know what they are talking about!—it’s intuitive, and easy and fun to use—it’s one of the best in the car business now. I sat for a few hours two days with the well-written manuals you get in the car and learned a lot. Referred to them on occasion and learned more. Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, HD Radio is the best! Incredible sound! Navigation is very good, better than smart phone navigation, and has upgradeable maps. The voice recognition is poor and I never use it. Only thing that frustrates me is that certain functions are disabled while the car is moving. But I am having a ball with all the dash toys and it’s what sold me on the car. If you never had Satellite Radio—it’s cable TV for the car and additive—mine is always on CNN, MSNBC or FOX TV or Bruce Springsteen station (audio only). It’s the best!Seats 4 comfortably, although I use mine like a pick-up truck with rear folded down 99% of the time. Reliability: So far through 7000 miles, no problems or recalls. (My Old FIT had 2 Recalls, and 2 Warranty Repairs over 70,000 miles.) Real world mileage: My best Tank of Highway/City mileage has been 38 MPG, Worst tank which was probably more city than highway: 31 MPG. One day I was on the highway only for the first 2 hours after a fill, and it was 45 MPG. Not bad!Side Camera: Only Honda has this—it’s a lot of fun. Get it!Hitches: U-haul and other places will install a hitch specifically made for this car to carry bikes or tow less than 2000 lbs. It is 225.00 installed at U-haul, I just inquired. I really would not tow anything too heavy or fast with this car, maybe local only—use the hitch for bikes. Purchase: I shopped many dealers and compared deals from Costco, Truecar, Carsdirect, AAA, and what I was able to negotiate on my own. The Best deal by far was the Edmunds Price Promise. I don’t work for or with Edmunds—just telling you my experience. Summary: It’s a fun drive to drive, reliable thus far, with very good cargo room (its biggest selling point for most people), and very good fuel mileage. It’s not the best handling car, it’s fast, but needs more braking power, and better cornering. The Technology package is excellent and a lot of fun. I think it’s a great value overall—there is no need to spend more money for a car. You don’t need an SUV. This FIT allows me to have all the features of a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus at 1/3 the cost—I almost feel like I am driving for free. I sleep well at night. Hey, it’s my second FIT and I could have purchased any other car!

Average Rating : 4


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