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It's not all it is cracked up to be.... logo 7/18/2015 Kyle

Firstly this vehicle is catered to a cheaper market i get it but it is none the less a vehicle that should have not ever left the drawing board. Firstly I am luck to have only rented this vehicle and not purchased it. That is really dodging a bullet. Ok picture this a car salesman doing his job and trying to sale you a car talking about all the features in the car blah blah blah. With that being said there are things you would never pick up on when you are on a test drive. So lets get started...First the car is so under powered and is poor at accelerating I think my poodle can run fast than this car. Pretty much don't rely on this car if you need to get out of the way or move out of danger quickly. Truth be told I was getting on a highway on ramp and it took forever to accelerate. Secondly I think they rushed the design of this engine or at least the cruise control system....I'm sorry to say but it is garbage. Why is it garbage you might ask? If it is not busy increasing and decreasing rapidly the RPM's it's busy struggling to keep up with you speed change request. Not just that the way it engages it the most counter intuitive way to engage it. To engage it you turn on the master switch on the steering column, then while you are at the desired speed release the acceleration pedal the depress the set mode then hold the accelerate mode on the steering column for approx 8-15 second to see any increase in RPM, then finally it increases but just maybe 100-300 increase in RPM, then finally it gets up to 3000-4000 RPM. Mind you i'm going highway speeds at level ground give or take. It was more annoying to have the cruise control on than anything so i just left it off for the duration. The electronic information available to the driver is very minimal would be nice to know whats going on with the car while your driving. The entertainment system is an attempt to stay with the times but it has a ways to go....not to user friendly to driver in particular the satellite radio functions. Finally there is only on usb and that is in the central arm rest. Its funny that it has the option for a line in component such as a mp3 player but physically there is no location to plug in the line in... It wouldn't have been for those items to be corrected i would say this car could have the potential to last more than 5-8 years. I can just see the lemon tree grow......Good try Mitsubishi but i'm not convinced. I'll give it to you though your partners on the lancer side of the house have got it down but this Out-lander Sport needs to be redesigned.

Average Rating : 2


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