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It's ok, but not after 80,000 miles logo 12/6/2016 Brandie

This car has been wonderful - until this year. My husband and I both have one of these cars. (Mine is orange, his is white) (Mine was bought brand new back in 2009, his was bought used just a year ago.) Repairs were normal wear and tear (new tires, oil changes, etc...) (Btw, we also have manual transmissions). Well, this year came and these cars have been garbage. One day my orange, bought brand new, car suddenly wouldn't crank. Nothing. So I have to towed in. Turns out the entire freaking computer was somehow damaged. They said it could have been lightening - but we're in a severe drought, it hasn't rained in over a month. It cost me nearly 3 grand to fix. Then my husband's check engine light came on. So we took it in - the two catalytic converters are going bad... and guess how much it is to fix it... 3 grand. If something else goes wrong we're trading these in for something else. I'm so disappointed. Suzuki made older cars, like the X-90 and tracker which are nearly indestructible.

Average Rating : 4


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