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It's PERFECT for its intended Purpose. 11,000 in 3.5 Months logo 6/4/2015 kevn062592

This car is not going to "wow" you with fast acceleration, its 4 cylinder engine, or flashy interior/exterior looks. That is not what Subaru is about, so if that is what you are looking for, move elsewhere. This car is made for the outdoorsman, the adventurer, the nasty weather, and terrain. This car is super reliable and they last for forever, It has everything you need plus a little more (rearview cam, touch screen). Its very comfortable, and very safe in all weather conditions. Gas mileage is amazing for an AWD vehicle... Tons of space for your adventure gear, or groceries. Perfect car for the person who needs more storage than a typical sedan, but does not want the SUV bulk.

Favorite Feature : AWD System: Best AWD System on the market hands down. They are popular in the Northeast and High elevation areas for a reason... they crush every type of weather on every type of terrain. Living in Chicago... I have tested it hard, its amazing. I have driven Nissan and Audi's AWD.. not even close.Gas Mileage: It is rare to get such good gas mileage from and AWD vehicle.Caters to the Outdoors Type: The back seats fold down flat for tons of space, strap hooks, bike racks, durable/tough interior and more.RELIABLE: This car has not failed me. There is a reason their resale value is through the roof, it is durable and lasts for forever.Safety: 5 star crash test rating.

Suggested Improvement : It is a little under powered in the engine. I think if it had an extra 30-50 horsepower, it would be a little more fun but also help with weather.

Average Rating : 4.375


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