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Jack of Most Trades; Perfect Cruiser logo 6/16/2015 nicoszlu

My first car was a new bare bones Civic. It set the standard for what I expect from a new car. Fast forward to 2014 and I chose the Camry SE V6 as it checked all the boxes for a larger, comfortable, more powerful car A master of most trades, Camry is for the most part a no brainer but in less than a year I have found a few things that make me question Toyotas quality. The Camry is the perfect interstate cruiser and an overall good value checking all the boxes at the expense of a few shortcuts in build quality. If you want a spacious 4 door, efficient & quick ride with a sporty flair in your daily driver,the Camry is a great option and easily matches the V6 Accord in that quest.

Favorite Feature : V6 - same engine used in other Toyota & even Lexus. The Camry 6 is more robust & equally efficient to competing Turbo 4 cylinder engines plus it sounds better. Great passing power!Comfort- Great Seats both front AND back. Options - Blindspot monitoring, backupcamera, moonroof and JBL SoundSystem - all the options bundled without the things I didnt want. Split fold rear seats + large trunk also great. Interior design/ergonomics - superb. Simple, logical placement of buttons/dials/cupholders/etc. Large center console storage. Ergonomics/layout much more appealing than in Accord or Passat.

Suggested Improvement : Build Quality! Better for '15 apparently which is a shame. In less than a year, my drivers side door armrest creaks; squeaks from the center console, dash and driver grab-handle on headrest are irritating. Cheap Paint quality. Tiny cubby on drivers side with weak hinge make cubby nearly useless unless I plan to store feathers/cotton balls in there. Ride comfort - semi-jarring in the city in attempt to be sporty. Paid for leather pckg and get suede/fake leather unlike XLE models. Auto Trans w/ paddle shifters are gimmicky shifts no faster than a base model VW Jetta/Passat costing far less. Suggest improve issues listed above.

Average Rating : 4.25


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