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Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4X4 Diesel (ADV TECH) logo 6/6/2015 jeepgcfan

This is an update to a couple of reviews I have made on this car. As much as it pains me to say, please avoid the 2014 JGC Diesel and probably Jeeps altogether. My car has currently around 9K miles and has been in the shop 5-6 times. The last few times have been related to the diesel engine (catalytic converter was changed, engine light turned on a few times, and now a pipe in the diesel engine cracked. This resulted in exhaust fumes going everywhere. It is a true shame as this has been a car I had been waiting to buy for years. Chrysler really needs to improve its build quality and reliability as well as provide options for folks with lemons. I guess I am going the lemon law route. AVOID IT

Favorite Feature : Irrelevant if the car doesn't work.

Suggested Improvement : Please improve reliability. This would be a great car if it worked.

Average Rating : 2.75


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