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Jeep is fun stuff. logo 5/21/2015 champ306

I am coming off owning sports cars, I really find this thing entertaining. For one it handles the road just fine, and what I mean, it eats up the crappy roads. Potholes, cracks, bridges. yes, no worry anymore. Sick of scrubbing your nose on your porsche? Buy a Jeep. Seriously, its that fun. Fun to drive, great stereo, top off fun when wanted, oh yeah and 4x4 like few others out there.

Favorite Feature : top off in summer. 4x4 with locking axles. real tires from factory. Metal, yes, it has things made out of metal still. Not everything needs to be plastic. Easy service. Unique. Looks.

Suggested Improvement : None really.

Average Rating : 4.875


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