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Jerky Trans logo 6/16/2016 jarucker

It is hazardous to drive this car. There are several issues occurring. The transmission is jerky, hesitates and some times the vehicle comes to a complete stop and will not move, after shuddering and pulling forward. The car does not even have 5000 miles on it. The interior lights flicker on and off. The A/C acts as if it is about to go out. There are times when it seems as if the AC is not even on. The carpet is super thin. I noticed this because a piece is missing and it is a very thin layer that seems to sit on a piece of cardboard. It is too scary to drive it. You have no clue when the car is going to "decide" to come to a complete stop. It always seem to happen when you are on the interstate or when traffic is heavy. It is as if you are risking your life each and every time you drive the car. The Bluelink - car assurance - that comes with the vehicle is not trustworthy. You are "supposed" to get a report when something is not functioning as it should. However each and every time that I have had a problem, Bluelink has not detected this problem. The dealership also cannot get the vehicle to replicate any of the problems so they don't consider there to be any problems. In the mean time you still have to pay for a car this is really worthless.

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