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JIMMMYY! logo 6/8/2015 ahusson

So I got this 2000 GMC Jimmy at 165,000 miles, now it has 172,000 miles and it a complete money pit, but a life saver.I have spent $3500 in repairs in the last 6 months. I've taken it to three different mechanics and technicians.Every single part on my brake is brand new, and the ABS light is still on. I can't afford to keep it anymore, so this is a good car if you are a mechanic or have a mechanic who knows who he is doing. BUT this has saved me through the winter. With All-Season tires it plowed through 2 feet of snow and 2 inches of ice. No weather condition stopped me, and I was incredibly thankful. (Maine Winter of 2014-2015)

Favorite Feature : Ground Clearance is superb! I can see over everything and plow snow with my front. Optional 4-Wheel-drive has been a life saver in the winter!18 miles per gallon city, and 22 highway. Music System gets cranking and loud very nicely! Although it rocks some parts of the car. Seats are comfortable and the interior is gorgeous. Very little to no hard plastic.LOTS OF STORAGE SPACE! I could fit to college students' worth of stuff in one trip with Jimmy. Heating and AC system is very responsive. Easily can parallel park in the city. (I do it all the time)!

Suggested Improvement : The front doors' pins and bushins rust very easily! Each one is a $50 repair. Cup holders are small and some bottles get stuck in them. Knobs easily fall off or break.

Average Rating : 3.875


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