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Join the Hybrid Team :) I love my little prius logo 8/31/2015

I originally wanted a Scion Tc but since I care A LOT about the environment and I really don't need a sports car, I figured why not?I LOOOOVE how the car drives. OBVIOUSLY you wont hit 65MPH in 3 seconds because it's a small engine, but it drives SUPER SMOOTH/ SUPER QUIET, the seats are comfortable, the radio is awesome I LOVE XM RADIO BPM/AREA, it also comes with USB/AUX and the NAVIGATION comes in handy if you loose reception on your phone or your phone dies. The color I got was metallic grey and I LOVE IT! The car looks small from outside but yet IT HAS SO MUCH SPACE INSIDE. Great job whoever designed that car!!!! Also I like how its a hatchback because since I got the Hybrid C option 3 the backseats can fold and I can go to IKEA and buy a lot of stuff comfortably lol. You can comfortably have 4 people and 1 dog but 5 people is a tight squeeze. The car looks amazing inside, almost like you are driving a super futuristic car!!! I honestly have no complaints on my car. I LOVE IT!!! I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you won't regret it :)

Average Rating : 5


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